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A travel experience to Hong Kong is like no other!  East meets West in this city of great contrasts.  From food and entertainment to nature and heritage, Hong Kong offers an unforgettable experience.

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“The Culinary Capital of Asia”  

Hong Kong is the place to visit if you love great Chinese food.  Boasting some of the best Cantonese-style cuisine in the world, the city also offers outstanding restaurants highlighting other regional cuisines of China.  There are also excellent Japanese, Thai, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French restaurants, among others.


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Tax-free Shopping

All goods, except for tobacco and alcohol, are tax-free, so a visit to Hong Kong is incomplete without some shopping!  From shoes to bags, authentic Chinese gifts to electronics or cosmetics, you can find all of these in Hong Kong.  Local markets include the Ladies’ Market and the Bird Market in Kowloon. Chinese wet markets which offer local produce, fish, and meat may also be interesting sights.  There are also many air-conditioned shopping malls which offer a welcome respite from the heat, and most shopping centres have websites with store directories and floor maps if you are looking for specific types of goods.  

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Sightseeing and Attractions

Hong Kong is unique in that it blends a 150-year long colonial history with its Chinese roots and current status as part of China.  This fact permeates its architectural styles (temples next to colonial buildings and skyscrapers), traditions (Buddhist/Chinese and Western) … the very fabric of life in Hong Kong.  Thus, in this city of contrasts, it may not be surprising that most nature activities can be reached within one hour of urban areas.  You can hike up hills and mountainsides in nature reserves or walk on sandy beaches since beautiful natural scenery is easily accessible in compact Hong Kong.  In fact, more than 70 percent of the territory’s land mass is made up of forests, rural mountains, and outlying islands. 


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Hong Kong offers many wonderful attractions such as Stanley, Victoria Harbour, the Peak, Ocean Park Theme Park, The Big Buddha, Lamma Island, Disneyland, and cable car rides with breathtaking views.  Rickshaw Sightseeing Buses are one of the many ways to see the city.  Guided tours and self-guided walks are also available. 


Sights Recommended by Some CAES Staff

  1. Scenic bus ride to and from Stanley – See one of the most beautiful views in Hong Kong on the bus to and from Stanley, the southern part of Hong Kong Island (from Central).
  2. Ngong Ping 360 (cable car ride) and the Big Buddha on Lantau Island– View the natural beauty of Lantau Island and the 34 metres (111 feet 6.5 inches) high Big Buddha while on a 50-minutes round-trip cable car ride.
  3. Star Ferry at night & 8pm light show on the Tsimshatsui waterfront – See one of the most famous skylines in the world accompanied with music and a laser light show across the harbour.
  4. The Peak on a clear day/night – Get a 360-degree view of Hong Kong Island by taking a 1-hour walk around one of Hong Kong’s peaks.  The city will light up on a clear night.
  5. Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden – Experience a large structure renovated in the style of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), its Buddhist treasures, and lotus ponds and a 3.5 hectares (2.5 acres) Garden in which everything has been placed purposefully.
  6. The Hong Kong Museum of History – See interesting, original artefacts and learn about Hong Kong and South China’s history, archaeology, ethnography, and natural histories.
  7. Ladies Market and Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon – Shop for women’s clothing and accessories in an open air market and souvenirs, toys, and a multitude of goods in a night street market.
  8. Sai Kung scenery and seafood – Stroll on the seaside and eat fresh seafood in Sai Kung in northeastern Hong Kong.
  9. The Outlying Islands – Experience a more tranquil side of Hong Kong by taking a ferry (from Central) to these islands:  Lantau or Lamma Islands, Peng Chau, or Cheng Chau.
  10. Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Performing Arts Centre) or Hong Kong City Hall for a performance – Take in a world-class concert at one of these venues.

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