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What's New: New Elective Course (CAES2003). Apply Now!

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Do you know you can read English novels and short stories on YouTube?


Learning English through Audiovisual Books CAES2003 is a new elective course that aims to help students improve their English in a fun way, by using these audiovisual (AV) books on YouTube.


In this course, students will:

– read an English novel on YouTube in the form of an AV book

– analyse plot structures and linguistic features typical of novels and movies

– write a short story and turn it into an attractive AV book

– use voice effectively to convey meanings

– learn audio and video capturing and editing techniques


Find out more from https://lswchan9.wixsite.com/caes2003


We look forward to seeing you in this course! Let’s have fun together!



2021-08-09 09:50:52