Organising Committee

Conference Chair
The Organizing Committee is responsible for the planning, running, and oversight of this international conference. It brings together expertise in programme planning, promotional knowledge, financial management, venue operation, reception service, technical support, logistics coordination, negotiation and communication in achieving the objectives of the conference and ensuring the success of the event.
Chair: Ms. Ashley Hazell Members: Ms. Karissa Muse, Mr. Kevin Pat and
Mr. Simon Scanlon
The Events-running sub-committee is responsible for conference venue arrangement and management, plenary speaker/session chair and helper coordination (students/CAES staff), and cultural activities organization.
Chair: Dr. Michelle Raquel Members: Ms. Carly Ng, Ms. Heidy Wong and
Ms. Melanie Zee
The hospitality sub-committee is responsible for arranging hotel accommodation, on-campus catering and the conference dinner. This sub-committee also provides support and assistance to the conference plenary speakers, and makes available to all overseas delegates information such as pre-arrival visa requirements, and options for accommodation and tourist travel.
Mr. Wilson Chow and Mr. Benny Wong
The IT sub-committee is responsible for providing technical support to other committees, dealing with the back-end aspects of the website setup and information workflows. The committee will also manage the technical support and AV needs of presenters during the conference.
Chair: Dr. Cynthia Lee Members: Dr. Clarence Wang and Dr. Michael Yeldham
The Programme sub-committee is responsible for the content of the conference. Members are responsible for preparing the call for proposals, soliciting abstracts from the plenary speakers, reviewing and selecting the submitted proposals, notifying proposal acceptance, and preparing the programme schedule.
Chair: Dr. Ken Lau Members: Mr. Cezar Cazan, Mr. Keith Chau and
Mr. Ken Ho
The Publicity sub-committee is responsible for giving advice on the website and logo design, producing publicity materials / correspondence and a programme book, managing social media sites, and organizing the Centre visit.
Registration and Finance
Chair: Dr. Joanne Lee Members: Dr. Lisa Cheung, Dr. Daya Datwani and
Mr. Patrick Leung
The Registration and Finance sub-committee is responsible for exploring sponsorship and advertising opportunities, organizing the book display, calculating the conference budget, and handling matters relating to registration and payment..