Centre Visits

Participants are invited to join a 30-min lunch-time tour (on 11 and 12th June) which involves a brief introduction to CAES followed by a guided visit to various key spots on the Centennial Campus showcasing the harmonious combination of classic and modern architectural designs and structures.

Each tour is limited to 20 participants. Sign-up is available at the registration desk during the conference.


Our Role within the University

Developing Academic Literacy

We help students understand the English language needs of communicating within their own disciplinary areas.

Fostering Independent Learning

We support learners’ needs beyond the classroom with an out-of-class learning component in all courses and the provision of a wide range of self-access learning opportunities.

Sustaining English as a Lingua Franca

We make sure students have the tools to communicate successfully in English both as a medium of instruction and as a lingua franca in academic and social settings.

Nurturing Applied Linguistics Professionals

We develop professionals and researchers within the field through our highly-rated MA, Postgraduate Diploma and research degree programme.