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CAES9923 Writing Psychology: Text and Context

Coordinator: Dr. Juan CASTILLO

Course Description:

ThisĀ 6-credit courseĀ aims to enhance the skills of Psychology majors in writing disciplinary-specific texts including literature review papers and research proposals. Students will also explore professional communication strategies and analyse a range of text types such as popular psychology magazines and case studies through an investigative project.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate the linguistic and stylistic features of text types common in the discipline of Psychology
  • Identify and apply language forms and rhetorical devices from academic readings appropriate to purpose and intended readership
  • Synthesise and incorporate sources appropriately to justify views in a written proposal and literature review paper within the discipline of Psychology


  • Students read a number of academic written genres within the discipline of Psychology, and to identify distinctive features of each genre..
  • Students investigate the features of a written genre not covered within the course through a collaborative project.
  • Students conduct critial reading groups and exchange opinions about the content and the language of selected texts.

Assessment Methods:

(with breakdown of percentage weighting of the various methods)

  • Essays (35%)
  • Other genres of writing (35%)
  • Oral Presentations (30%)