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CAES9922 Language, Genre and Reports

Coordinator: Dr. Juan CASTILLO

Course Description:

In this 6-credit course students will explore the broad genre of report and proposal writing and the sub-genres of reports and proposals within the social sciences from both academic and professional perspectives. It focuses on the rhetorical functions, moves and linguistic patterns of different types of reports and proposals. Through a case-based collaborative approach students investigate social issues and identify genre features while engaging in critical discussions with each other.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Identify and use linguistic and rhetorical devices appropriate to role, purpose and intended readership in report and proposal writing
  • Engage in critical discussions with peers and present their ideas in a context-sensitive manner
  • Select and synthesise information from various sources in the investigation of a social problem to justify their stance
  • Appraise their own writing and identify areas for improvement through peer critique and self reflection


  • Students examine two cases in groups and conduct research on the social themes identified.
  • Students give students are given flexibility of topic choice and selection of source material alongside guided tasks in class and through
  • Students study a range of report sub-genres and identify commonalities and differences among them

Assessment Methods:

(with breakdown of percentage weighting of the various methods)

  • Project reports (45%)
  • Other genres of writing (35%)
  • Oral Presentations (20%)