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CAES9420 Academic English for Information Management & Social Data Science Students

Coordinator: Patrick LEUNG

Course Description:

This one-semester, 6-credit English course will provide the opportunity for Information Management students and Social Data Science students to develop their report writing and oral presentation skills for disciplinary studies and academic purposes. Students are required to identify an issue relevant to their discipline and undertake a small-scale research project to investigate the problem issue and communicate an argument to an academic audience in writing with appropriate organizational and rhetorical skills. During the process, students need to gather data by means of an interview, perform analysis on the information they obtain, and present their findings orally and in formal report writing. The course will allow students to practice relevant English language skills in their Final Year Project/Capstone Experience courses.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Communicate an argument to an academic audience in report writing with appropriate organizational and rhetorical skills
  • Identify, evaluate and synthesize appropriate academic sources in an academic report
  • Articulate coherent ideas with appropriate linguistic devices in an academic oral setting


  • To build upon the writing skills which students already possess and help them to use the skills more effectively for written academic communication.
  • To introduce students to the demands of academic report writing and the skills involved in editing and revising their own and others’ work.
  • To encourage the development of independent English learning skills through self-access work.
  • To maintain close links with academic staff in the Faculty of Education, through on-going discussion of the relevant BSc. curricula.

Assessment Methods:

(with breakdown of percentage weighting of the various methods)

  • Project reports (70%)
  • Oral Presentations (30%)