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CAES0007 Discovering yourself through creative story writing and storytelling

Are you interested in increasing your self-knowledge? Would you like to enhance your personal development? Do you want to hone your creative potential?

Story writing and storytelling have demonstrated huge benefits on facilitating personal growth, raising self-awareness and improving well-being. They have gained popularity as a means of problem-solving and personal exploration in a range of contexts.

In this course, you will engage in various hands-on experiential activities involving multiple modalities. You will have many opportunities to reflect on yourself and examine your life through creative storytelling and story writing. You will explore new ways to re-examine, re-think and re-write feelings and thoughts in a more positive manner.

You don’t need any experience of writing or telling stories. You just need a curious mind and a heart for self-exploration. At the end of the course, you will experience self-expression with greater fluidity and honesty as well as playfulness and joy!

Course Code


Day & Time

No. of Hrs



7-11 June 2021


Monday – Friday


12.5 (5 sessions)


No. of students per class: 25 maximum