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SummerEnglish0006 Know Your Bae From Your Boo

This course will help students develop their English communication skills in the following ways:

  1. identify and decode the language of pop music and online humour;
  2. recognize appropriate usages of small talk strategies, slang, and swearing;
  3. learn the grammar and syntax of whatsapp and text messaging;
  4. understand the differences in pronunciation between standard English and its regional variations;
  5. identify and decode African American Vernacular English (AAVE) used in Black American pop culture.

Please note: Students should be prepared to learn and practice language which might be deemed vulgar and offensive to some people.




Course Code


Day & Time

No. of Hrs



13 June – 17 June 2022


Monday – Friday

10am – 12:30pm


(5 sessions)


No. of students per class: 25 maximum