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CAES Summer Institute 2019

Please read the following information carefully before completing this online application.

1.      What shall I take note of before I apply online?

We offer a wide range of intensive English courses over the summer. We would love to welcome everyone, but please understand that places on the courses are strictly limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Know your interest and have your schedule details handy before you start your application.


2.      Do I need to indicate my class group preference?

You need to submit ONE online application only. For your preferred course, you also need to select your class group preference (e.g. SummerEnglish0001a). You can choose up to FIVE preferences. We will take your last updated preferences into account. Final decisions regarding both admissions and class group preferences rest with the Centre for Applied English Studies.


3.      How will I know if I have a place on a course?

We will email offers on 3 May 2019. You need to reply to this email to confirm your enrolment.

For application result and details about classrooms, please consult CAES Summer Institute website from 14 May 2019. You must check these details before the commencement of the course.


4.      How much does it cost?

Our summer courses are offered to all students at HKU for FREE. Yet, you need to make sure you can attend the course you have applied for. If for any reason you cannot attend a course for which you have registered, you should notify us in writing, so that your place can be offered to another applicant in time. We will consider your application for withdrawal if your reason for withdrawing is justified. You must withdraw in writing (with supporting documents attached) on or before 7 May 2019, 5:00p.m.


5.      Is there any penalty if I have not attended all lessons of the course I have registered?

The goal of our summer courses is to assist students with the English skills they wish to develop over the summer. To achieve this goal, 80% class attendance is expected of all students who register for our summer courses. A penalty of HK$500 will be charged to those students who fail to attain 80% class attendance without providing a satisfactory explanation (this should include a medical certificate or other supporting documents for absence), which shall be made to the respective class teacher (copied to the Summer Courses Coordinator: Dr. Lisa Cheung within one week of the end of a course. The purpose of this policy is to ensure students to complete the summer courses that they have enrolled in. For students who have not attained 80% class attendance will receive a soft copy of the student invoice for the said penalty by way of an e-mail attachment to their “” e-mail account. A student who has failed to pay the penalty within 30 days after the invoice due date shall be de-registered and prohibited from using University facilities and services. For subsequent reinstatement of student status, the student will have to pay a surcharge of 10%, i.e. HK$50, of the outstanding amount.