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  • BA in European Studies, Trinity College Dublin
  • MA in English Language Teaching, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Certificate in English Language Training, Alpha College, Dublin

Simon spent most of his early life in Ireland, graduating in European Studies with Italian minor from Trinity College Dublin. Upon arriving in Hong Kong 2007, he began teaching general English, IELTS, and language training for the retail and hospitality sectors. He completed the Master’s in English Language Teaching (MAELT) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2013 and joined CAES immediately after. His main teaching focus at the Centre is on medicine related courses, and he his currently creating role play materials for Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors in their consultations with English-speaking patients. He also plays a key role in providing support services as the Coordinator of Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs), one of the Centre’s newest initiatives in independent and blended learning.

Outside of academic and professional English, his interests include the use of informal registers such as swearing, casual discourse markers, and African American English​. These and other sub-cultures are explored in his popular long-running summer course Know Your Bae From Your Boo.

Office: Room 6.10

Telephone: 3917 7222

Email Address: