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Sam Cole III

Senior Lecturer

  • BA, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • RSA Certificate in TEFL [CELTA]
  • MA, The University of Hong Kong

Sam has taught in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and has worked at the Centre for Applied English Studies since 2007. In the past, he developed and coordinated the Centre’s English-in-the-Discipline program for Arts Faculty students. Sam lead the establishment of, and now coordinates, the CAES Writing Centre, and he serves as the Convener for CAES Communication Support Services. His research interests are language planning, the role of reading in academic writing, and peer feedback.

In-House Committees:

Interim Management Committee

Other Major Administrative Roles:

  • Coordinator, CAES Writing Centre
  • Convener, CAES Communication Support Services
  • Member, Faculty of Arts Board
  • Member, Committee on Chinese and English Language Enhancement

Selected Publications / Presentations:

Cole, S.F. & Wong, H. (2017). Blending it Early: Promoting Student Buy-in in an
EAP Course. Paper presented at the International Conference on ESP: New Technologies and Digital Learning. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Cole, S.F. (2014). Beyond the Topic Sentence: Paragraph-Level Inductive Rhetoric in Humanities and Social Science Writing. Paper presented at the English Language Teaching Unit Conference 2014: Curriculum Development, Implementation, and Review. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Cole, S.F. (2013). Issues in the Development of Disciplinary English Courses for Arts Faculty Students. Paper presented at the ELC Symposium 2013: The Position of English Language Provision in Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions. The City University of Hong Kong.

Cole, S.F. (2010). Putonghua’s spread in Hong Kong: Four teachers’ experiences of learning the national language as adults. Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics, 12(2), 83-108.

Grants / Awards / Other Achievements:

  • University Grants Committee Triennium Teaching and Learning Grant: Co-Leader. A Student-Tutor Writing Consultation Programme and Inter-institutional Writing Consultation Support System (2016-19).
  • Teaching Development Grant: Principal Investigator. Achieving Early Student Buy-in to Course Rationales and Methods through Common Interactive Online Modules (2016-2018).
  • Teaching Development Grant: Co-investigator. English in the Discipline for Arts Students (2007-2009).






Office: Room 6.19

Telephone: 3917 7234

Email Address: