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Doris Wong


  • BA & BEd (LangEd-Eng), The University of Hong Kong
  • MPhil in Linguistics, The University of Hong Kong

Upon graduating with a double degree in BA and BEd, Doris continued her studies at HKU and received her Master of Philosophy degree in Linguistics. Before joining CAES, she taught English and Linguistics courses at various local tertiary institutions. Doris is interested in second and third language acquisition, reading abilities and writing systems.

Special Interest Groups:


Selected Publications / Presentations:

  • Wong, L.W. (2012). Investigating consistency and orthorgraphic neighbourhood density effects in Chinese character processing. Paper presented at The 3rd International Conference on Learning and Teaching of Chinese Characters. Beijing Normal University.

Grants / Awards / Other Achievements:

  • JASSO Scholarship for International Students in Japan


Office: Room 6.40

Telephone: 3917 7256

Email Address: