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Andrea CHAI

Assistant Lecturer

  • BA in Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • MA in Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • MA in TESOL, Institute of Education, University College London

Andrea obtained her BA and MA degrees at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and her second master’s degree in TESOL at UCL Institute of Education. She has worked in Singapore and the UK in the fields of translation and interpreting. Before joining HKU, she taught translation and English courses at various local higher educational institutions. At CAES, Andrea is currently teaching the English-in-the-Discipline courses for undergraduate Social Sciences students.

Special Interest Groups:


In-House Committees:

Social and Welfare Committee

Other Major Administrative Roles:

  • Deputy Coordinator of English-in-the-Discipline courses for the Faculty of Social Sciences

Selected Publications / Presentations:

  • Kwan, E. K. P., & Chai, K. (2018). Redesigning an EAP course: From generic conventions to genre flexibility and negotiation. Paper presented at the 17th Symposium of Second Language Writing. Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Office: Room 6.43

Telephone: 3917 2910

Email Address: