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Patrick Chan

Part-time Lecturer

Master of TESOL ( University of Melbourne)

Master of Commerce ( University of New South Wales)

Patrick has been a part-timer for more than a decade teaching EAP, ESP, IELTS prep, Workplace English, and generic Business courses with most local universities, colleges, and corporations. Prior to his return to Hong Kong, he worked at the English Language Center with Melbourne University and Monash University, teaching ELICOS and serving as Independent Learning Advisor, and was seconded to teach in other countries.

He reckons English could be and should be learned everywhere, from washroom etiquette posters to lavish hotel advertorials, from IG postings to formal speech, not invariably confined to classroom learning and only the sky is the limit.

He prefers to gear learners towards catching a fish instead of giving them one straight away!


Special Interest Groups:

Autonomy,Vocabulary Teaching and Learning

Office: Room 6.33

Telephone: 3917 7331

Email Address: