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Kaiqi Shi

PhD Student


Med (Distinction) in English for Academic Purposes, The Education University of Hong Kong

MA (Distinction) in Applied Linguistics, The University of Hong Kong

PhD in Applied Linguistics, The University of Hong Kong, Current student.



Kelvin had worked as an IELTS instructor for many years in Mainland China, during which he noticed that a majority of Chinese students had difficulties in learning English grammar. Grammatical violations are prevalent in the speaking and writing of Chinese students, which have significantly hindered their performance on various English tests.

In an attempt to surmount those difficulties, Kelvin decided to combine his working experience with academic learning. After obtaining two master’s degrees with distinction in Hong Kong, Kelvin decided to further his academic pursuit by being a research postgraduate student in HKU.

Kelvin’s MA dissertation focuses on intentional vocabulary learning through repeated documentary watching, and his current research area at the PhD level lies in Structured Input. While explicit explanations followed by mechanical drills have demonstrated very limited effectiveness in grammar learning, Kelvin aims to prove that EFL learners can speed up their language acquisition by obtaining correct input processing strategies and meanwhile abandoning the flawed (but default) ones.

Selected Publications / Presentations:

Shi, K. K. [史凱齊]. (2021). Vocabulary acquisition through repeated documentary watching : a case study. (Thesis). University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong SAR.

Grants / Awards / Other Achievements:

Postgraduate Scholarship, The University of Hong Kong

Office: Room 6.50

Telephone: 3917 7325

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