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Photo of Ashley NATION

Assistant Lecturer

  • Bachelor of Arts in English with Linguistics Emphasis, Boise State University
  • Master of Arts in TESOL, Multnomah University

Ashley Nation is a new Assistant Lecturer in CAES and comes from Boise, Idaho USA. She holds a BA in English from Boise State University and an MA in TESOL from Multnomah University, and before coming to HKU, she taught in universities in South Korea and the United States. As she is committed to helping students develop the language skills necessary for future success, she specializes in teaching academic reading, writing and speaking skills to university students. In Fall 2020, she will be teaching the Core University English course and the Business and Economics English in the Discipline course.

Special Interest Groups:

Language Education

Office: Room 6.41

Telephone: 3917 7329

Email Address: