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Chris KWAN

PhD Student

  • BEd (Hons) in English Language Education, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • MA in Language Studies (Distinction), Hong Kong Baptist University Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, The University of Hong Kong

Chris is currently a PhD candidate at CAES. He holds an MA in Language Studies (with Distinction) from Hong Kong Baptist University. During his master’s degree, he completed his dissertation on a genre-based study examining teacher educators’ written lesson observation feedback. In recent years, he has published research articles and presented papers at international conferences. At CAES, Chris is researching in the areas of discourse analysis, pragmatics, and English language teaching at the tertiary level. He is particularlyinterested in exploring language use in everyday and professional settings, by drawing upon pragmatic theories such as speech acts and rapport management for the analysis.

Selected Publications / Presentations:

  • Kwan, Y. H. (2019). [Review of the book Researching and teaching second language speech acts in the Chinese context, by C. Lee.] The Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 6(2), 257-259.
  • Kwan, Y. H. (2019). [Note of the book Language and culture at work, by S. Schnurr & O. Zayts]. Language in Society, 48(2), 321-322.
  • Kwan, Y. H. (2017). The teaching of additive connectives: An evaluation of current English grammar textbooks in Hong Kong. The Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics4(2), 161-172.

Grants / Awards / Other Achievements:

  • Postgraduate Scholarship, The University of Hong Kong
  • Scholastic Award and Distinction, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Admission Scholarship, Hong Kong Baptist University

Office: Room 6.50

Telephone: 3917 7337

Email Address: