Course Quality


The Centre for Applied English Studies is continually striving to enhance the quality of its courses. It does this by striving to provide structures, activities and opportunities that promote and support participation around literacy practices. These structures and activities are outlined in the subsequent pages and aim to generate dialogue between CAES staff, students, faculty members and the university at large.

CAES has its own Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (TLQC), responsible for Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE). Their vision is to enhance and assure the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate English enhancement for all stakeholders.

A central pillar of CAES TLQC’s approach to enhancing quality is seeking to build relationships and partnerships with students. We run Staff-Student Consultative Committees (SSCC) and encourage participation from students in the development of our courses through feedback and focus groups.

We also welcome input and suggestions from students directly. Students can contact the Chair of our CAES Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (TLQC) directly to ask questions, give comments and make suggestions.