The HKU Community

The Centre for Applied English Studies reaches out to the HKU community by cooperating with a number of student-led organisations and by offering English courses for administrative staff.

Cooperation with Student-led Groups

  • HKU Campus Toastmasters Club is a student-led group which is fully affiliated to International Toastmasters. It meets regularly to pursue the Toastmasters goals of peer-mentoring towards developing excellence in public speaking. CAES members of staff volunteer their time at meetings to provide evaluative feedback. CAES also provides some logistical support.
  • SpeechExpress is an NGO founded and operated by university students to provide year-round, free, small-group tuition to school students with the goal of enhancing their skills and confidence in speaking in English. SpeechExpress also operates intensive summer programmes in Hong Kong, China and Myanmar. A member of CAES staff acts as an academic advisor and assists in the tutor selection process.
  • The HKU English Public Speaking Competition is operated by CAES in cooperation with HKU Toastmasters. The competition provides a stimulus for students to push themselves to excel in producing a well-crafted 5-minute prepared speech. Through a series of heats judged by CAES staff, excellent speakers are selected to compete against each other in a final judged by CAES staff and guest judges including university faculty and public notables.
  • The Eureka Consulting Group is a student-led body offering advisory services to NGOs, charities and social enterprises. CAES has cooperated to provide a moderator for their public panel discussion on how entrepreneurs deal with failure.