International Community

The Centre for Applied English Studies reaches out to the international community by sharing with colleagues visiting from overseas and by engaging ourselves and our students in international exchange projects.

Academic Visits

We welcome academic visits to our Centre from university teachers and students of overseas educational institutions. So far, we have entertained visitors from all around Asia, for example, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Thailand, Malaysia and Russia. Staff of CAES are also frequently invited to give professional talks and advice in the areas of our expertise (e.g. EAP and ESP curriculum/material design, language testing and self-access) by various institutions worldwide.

For further information, please contact our Associate Director, Dr. Miranda Legg, at mglegg@hku.hk or the Chair of Publicity and Outreach Committee, Dr. Ken Lau, at lauken@hku.hk.

Inter-university Collaboration

In the second semester of 2015-16, an international inter-university learning project integrated into an English writing course for social sciences, gave students the opportunity to work on an inter-cultural research project and more importantly, to learn how to communicate effectively with partners in another culture to achieve a common goal. A group of 30 students and professors from Chung-Ang University (CAU), Seoul, Korea visited their HKU partners in January 2015 to kick off this semester-long collaboration.

The visit was organized by the Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC) of CAU, and was part of their Global Capstone Design Programme. During the 5-day visit, students of the two universities worked in groups to explore project ideas and discussed plans together during and beyond lecture time. Upon completion of the project, teachers of HKU visited CAU to share their thoughts about the inter-university collaboration and to give feedback on students’ reports of the project outcomes.