The Centre for Applied English Studies’ primary mission is to improve the academic literacy skills of undergraduate students at The University of Hong Kong.

Additionally, we cater to the needs of the wider HKU community and contribute to the field of Applied Linguistics.

We accomplish our primary mission by:

  • collaborating with faculties to offer core and elective credit-bearing academic literacy courses for undergraduate students to help them develop the communicative skills to succeed in their chosen academic and professional fields;
  • providing language support services and resources to students such as individual advising, workshops, discussions and writing support on academic, professional and social English;
  • developing students’ leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to lead experiential-learning activities and supporting student-led activities and organizations;
  • engaging in initiatives that support the teaching of English across the curriculum.

We support the wider HKU community by:

  • supporting the University’s Research and Taught Postgraduate Students and staff by offering courses and workshops;
  • providing summer courses and language advising to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as to exchange and visiting students.

We contribute to the field of Applied Linguistics by:

  • running two Masters’ programmes to train current and future teachers;
  • supervising PhD students in the field of Applied Linguistics;
  • providing professional development opportunities for teaching practitioners both internally and externally to CAES and HKU.