Course Information

CAES9350 Academic English for Dentistry

Coordinator: Dr. Lisa CHEUNG


The 6-credit English-in-the-Discipline course, “Academic English for Dentistry” (henceforth ED) course, focusing on both written and oral English, aims to offer parallel language support to the Community Health Project offered by the Faculty of Dentistry, and to further enhance BDSV students’ academic literacy in scientific research. In the ED course, students will develop effective language skills in their written presentation of the Community Health Project. Input will also be given to enhance students’ ability to deliver a professional oral presentation of the project appropriate to the purpose of the research and the audience. The course also moves towards enhancing academic literacy in scientific research by allowing students to apply the understanding of disciplinary research and presentation to other academic and professional contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Present a discipline-related issue that communicates scientific significance and promotes community interest using language appropriate for the intended purpose and audience
  • Use appropriate language to present research findings based on extensive and relevant review of literature, research design, data collection, findings, and recommendations
  • Evaluate self and group performances in research writing and oral presentation skills critically


  • Active learning
  • Corpus-based learning and data-driven learning

Assessment Methods:

(with breakdown of percentage weighting of the various methods)

  • Project reports (75%)
  • Oral Presentations (25%)