Workshop: Getting Published in Academic Journals (The Humanities & Related Disciplines)

Workshop: Getting Published in Academic Journals (Humanities and related disciplines)

Co-ordinator: Dr. David Gardner

This workshop aims to introduce students in the humanities and related disciplines to the basics of converting their research findings into publishable form focusing on both the writing and the process of getting published.


Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the workshop, students’ awareness of how to publish their research will be enhanced and they will be able to approach this matter systematically. More specifically, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate awareness of skills required and processes involved in writing for publication; and
  • demonstrate knowledge of skills required in writing for publication in an article prepared for a journal.



  • Practicing critical review of published texts
  • Discussing skills and processes required to publish an academic article (whole class, small group, pairs) with peers and workshop facilitator
  • Preparing an article for submission to a specific journal
  • Peer feedback and feedback by the workshop facilitator