GRSC6027 Intensive English for Postgraduate Students Homepage

GRSC6027 Intensive English for Postgraduate Students Homepage

Coordinator: Lowana Phillips


This course aims to help postgraduate students develop systematic knowledge of academic writing and speaking genres that will prepare them for more effective academic English communication both within and beyond the course.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate awareness of communicative purpose and organization, and linguistic features appropriate to academic writing, and apply this knowledge in writing based on their research
  • apply knowledge of audience, purpose, and organization in a concise presentation about their research
  • demonstrate use of appropriate grammar taught in the course
  • demonstrate ability to carry out and reflect on independent language learning


  • Introduction to features of academic writing and speaking
  • Completion of tasks targeting key features of academic communication
  • Discussion of written and spoken texts and related tasks (whole class, small group, and pair work)
  • Consultation, advice on writing practice tasks based on teacher and peer feedback
  • Out-of-class learning with online resources / Reflection on independent learning and sharing with classmates

Teaching Team

Programme Coordinator: Dr. Aditi Jhaveri

Teachers: Dr. Lisa Cheung, Dr. Daya Datwani, Dr. Aditi Jhaveri, Dr. Letty Chan, Dr. Derek Chan, Dr. Joanna Lee, Dr. Eleanor Kwan, Dr. Karen Ngeow, Ms. Lowana Phillips, Mr. Philip Smyth, Dr. Alice Yau, Dr. Clarence Wang, Dr. Lillian Wong