GLA consultation sessions

The CAES General Language Advising (GLA) programme focuses on developing your longer term English language learning needs. All UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to sign up for 1:1 online open access consultation sessions (via Zoom) with experienced CAES lecturers who specialise in offering advice on language learning strategies. These sessions will be available from Monday, 2 March 2020 to the end of the current semester (subject to changes in teaching and learning arrangements). Not only will you benefit from engaging personally with our experienced advisors in a dialogue that focuses on your learning concerns and needs, you will also gain skills and strategies that will give you greater confidence in English language use for academic or other purposes. 

The Centre would also be especially grateful if teaching staff would encourage your students to avail themselves of this service to develop their own language learning skills. 

To sign up for 1:1 GLA consultation sessions, please visit the CAES Communication Support Services website:

For enquiries, please write to or contact Mr. Albert Wong, coordinator of the General Language Advising programme: