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English Language Support For RPG Students

As part of its mission, the CAES offers all HKU MPhil and PhD students a required core course, six workshops, and Postgraduate Writing Support Service (via the Graduate School). It also offers a special intensive English course to selected postgraduate students. In total, approximately 1000 research postgraduate students attend these courses every year.  


  • Introduction to Thesis Writing is the core course for research postgraduates. It aims to raise students awareness of the linguistic demands of writing a thesis and equips them with strategies to meet these demands. Two specialized versions of this course are offered to students to cater for those in the Humanities and related disciplines as well as for those in the Sciences and related disciplines.
  • The Centre also offers a special Intensive English course for selected students from non-English medium universities. This course aims to develop students’ ability to produce coherent academic texts with grammatical accuracy and appropriate choice of vocabulary. It also helps students to improve their speaking skills by focusing on their confidence, fluency, pronunciation, and knowledge of effective communicative strategies. 


CAES offers the following six workshops focusing on either speaking or writing skills: 

  • The academic writing workshop helps students with specific language issues that have been observed to cause the most difficulties in writing a thesis and highlights language use which is of particular relevance in reviewing the work of other researchers. 
  • The academic speaking skills workshop provides ample opportunities for students to practice and refine their ability to present their research with their audience in mind. 
  • Two other workshops provide hands-on guidance to students on how to publish their research. 
  • Another workshop aims at helping students maximize their communication effectiveness in their confirmation seminar and viva.

Postgraduate Writing Support Service

The Graduate Writing Support Service assists research postgraduates by providing each student up to 4 hours of free individual consultations during their candidature. Students are also invited to access the CAES Communication Support Services. Additionally, students who feel they need sustained extra help and/or those who have been referred to by their teachers can book the General Language Advising service to address their long-term language needs through one-on-one meetings with experienced teachers. 


For more information about our courses and workshops, please contact the Programme Coordinator of CAES Graduate School Courses Dr. Aditi Jhaveri at