Course Quality

Staff-Student Consultative Committees

The CAES staff-student consultative committee (SSCC) provides you with a channel to express your opinions and give feedback about your CAES course. It is one of several channels CAES uses to ensure course quality and bring about course improvement.

The SSCC is held once every semester and aims to:

  • encourage and solicit feedback from students to ensure all courses offered by CAES meet student needs and expectations;
  • collect any course-related comments from students for course revisions and improvement

The SSCC is made possible through the work of SSCC representatives, who are your classmates taking the same CAES courses as you. They collect and pass on your views and comments at SSCC meetings. There are several assigned reps for CAES courses in your faculty. You can find out who your SSCC reps are here. You can talk with any of them to pass on your comments about your CAES course. You are free to come along and attend the SSCC meetings yourself in addition to your SSCC representatives.

If you are an SSCC representative, you can find out more about your role here.